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What to Do If Your Insurance Company Gives You A Low Offer from Your Truck Accident

low offer from insurance company

After experiencing a truck accident, many individuals focus on their personal injuries right away either by calling an ambulance or seeing their doctor. Individuals have also been prompt in taking pictures, videos, and voice recordings of the resulting accident. Exchanging personal contact information, license plates, insurance details, and getting the names of the police officers investigating the accident are additional important steps to follow. But even though you follow these steps precisely, it may not be enough for your insurance company to give you the compensation you need for the accident without a fight. Having a truck accident is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your insurance company will pay for the damages and injuries sustained.

The initial offer from the insurance company is always lower than expected and is typically lower than that which you require to cover the expenses associated with your personal injuries and property damage. This is true whether you are the driver of the truck who was injured or the driver of a motor vehicle who was injured in the truck accident. While there may be more parties involved in an insurance negotiation with respect to the truck driver’s claim, the basic fact remains the same: insurance companies will urge you to accept a quick and simple settlement offer—one that is particularly low. Their expectation is that you are in pain, confused about the accident, uncertain about the future, and have an overarching feeling to get this over with as soon as possible. Many individuals accept low offers because it is easy and fast. However, you never have to accept the first offer.

An insurance company that offers low settlement amounts to their policyholders may be hoping to avoid additional costs down the road. Always ask for an explanation of the offer, how it was calculated, how it is expected to cover all your incurred expenses and future costs, and whether additional negotiations are possible. Keep negotiating for what you want. If your insurance company is unable to offer you a reason or explanation for their proposed offer, it is likely they know that it is not sufficient. It may be time to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling truck accident cases.

An attorney can guide you through the negotiation process and explain to you the details of an appropriate settlement offer. Keep in mind that your offer should include compensation sufficient to cover the following damages: current and anticipated medical expenses, current and anticipated loss of income from your inability to work, and expenses to repair your property that was damaged as a result of the accident. You and your attorney must decide whether it is better to continue negotiating with your insurance company or to proceed to court. This will depend in large part on the extent of your injuries and the degree of damage inflicted upon the vehicle. Generally, the more significant the injuries and property damage, the more likely you will receive a greater compensation award from the court.

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